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We are a community serving and partnering agency located in downtown Chambersburg, PA.  We specialize in tobacco cessation, school-based prevention and education, school-based assistance and intervention, consulting and training, and community coordination to make Franklin county a great place to live, work and be.  Much of our funding comes from grants and our supporting partnerships within the greater Franklin County area.

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate people who desire to make a difference in our communities.  It's about the connections and relationships we form with companies, organizations, churches, and schools that drive our impact.  We measure our success by the way we help connect others with the resources they need to move forward.  We won't have all the answers, but we are looking for a team player that will know how to get the job done... together.

Our current opportunities: (click links below for Job Descriptions)

 Elementary Student Assistance Program Liaison
® Healthy Communities Partnership, 2016
232 Lincoln Way East, Suite B, Chambersburg,PA 17201