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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘healthy’?  

Most of the time what we think about isn’t ourselves. We think of someone else as healthy, the food other people eat as healthy, someone else’s active lifestyle as healthy, and how someone else thinks about life and themselves as healthy… usually “healthy isn’t me,” we think.  

But what if ‘healthy’ could be you?

Healthy Communities Partnership is sponsoring a new effort to help you become the definition of healthy, through our intensive, holistic program called Healthy U. According to the University of Baltimore the six dimensions of health and wellness include: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental. Becoming healthy is all about pursuing a state of well-being that is oriented toward reaching your maximum potential as an individual in each of the six dimensions. If we can learn to intentionally develop each of these dimensions we will become healthier, our families will become healthier, and eventually our communities will become healthier too.

Healthy U teaches some of the basic skills needed to pursue health by renovating areas within the six dimensions. We use an inside-out approach, believing that health and wellness begins at the very core of who we are as individuals and flows outward – from spiritual health, to emotional health, to intellectual health, to physical health, to social health, and finally to environmental health.  Here are the aims for each of the six dimensions:

     Becoming Spiritually ALIGNED 

          Becoming Emotionally CONNECTED

               Becoming Intellectually FOCUSED

                    Becoming Physically ENERGIZED

                         Becoming Socially ENGAGED

                              Becoming Environmentally AWARE

Our agency, Healthy Communities Partnership of Greater Franklin County, Inc., is all about bringing passionate people together to advance the health and well-being of Franklin County residents. We realize that the path to a healthier community, begins with healthy individuals… Healthy people create healthy communities. That is the reason we assembled and are promoting Healthy U.

We are currently developing the Healthy U curriculum.  Check back to see how you can use this program in your school, workplace, group, or organization.  We will also have important links for each of the 6 dimensions that can help you gather ideas to a promote health in your own life.  

You CAN become the definition of 'healthy'... and we can help.

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