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Healthy Communities Partnership
of Greater Franklin County


Healthy Communities Partnership of Greater Franklin County has been working for more than 20 years with a mission of advancing the health and well-being of Franklin County residents. HCP’s vision is to be a leading catalyst for health and well-being initiatives in Franklin County. The Partnership, under new leadership since 2008 began utilizing the six dimensions of wellness, as defined by Vanderbilt University: physical, emotional, psycho-social, spiritual, intellectual, and environmental. 

These dimensions come together to guide all programming for the partnership. 

Our Objectives and Goals...
  1) Bring together organizations with similar goals to form working partnerships, facilitate relationships 
    and create work teams to carry out activities.

  2) Share resources and materials, open dialogues among members to express commonalities and 
    create respectful discussion.

  3) Foster new ideas and implement positive changes through collaborative problem solving 
    and best practices.

Our current programs include...
Tobacco Free Together - HCP coordinates the tobacco prevention and cessation programming efforts for Franklin County.

Family Group Decision Making - HCP is Franklin County's provider for FGDM.  We coordinate individual referrals from Children and Youth Services and Juvenile Probation to bring family units and supports together to create plans for reunification, release from Probation goals, improving family relationships and communication, and more.

Community Coalition - HCP helps provide oversight and leadership for the Community Coalition for the Prevention of Substance Use and Abuse.

Student Assistance Program Liaison Services - HCP is the sub-contractor for SAP liaison services in each middle and high school in Franklin and Fulton Counties, and now Elementary SAP (ESAP) in Chambersburg and Tuscarora school districts.

Youth Prevention Programming - HCP has designed and coordinated a variety of prevention programs that can be used individually with youth, groups, or family interventions.

Training and Consultation - HCP is proud to offer training and consultation services to your business, church, and other groups or teams through our growing and knowledgable staff and partnerships with area businesses and networks.

Wellness Initiatives - HCP partners with area services and schools to provide wellness initiatives within area elementary schools and the community, and assists with the Adult Immunization Flu clinics as part of the Healthy Communities Through Active Living initiative.

Karen Johnston, Executive Director
® Healthy Communities Partnership, 2016
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