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April 25

Week 3!

Indoor Workout: Today we're introducing you to another type of workout. We're going to do an AMRAP workout. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. You get a few sets of exercises to do and a set time to do them. For our workout today you'll have 3 sets and each set will be 5 minutes. You'll have five minutes to do as many rounds as you can of each exercise, and then a one minute rest. For example, for our first set of exercises you're going to do 10 crunches, a 20 second plank hold, and 10 bicycles, then you'll go back up to the top and do it all again as many times as you can in five minutes. After five minutes is up you get a one minute rest and then you'll move on to the next set of exercises.

Run/Walk: Warmup with a 5 minute walk. Then jog for 2 minutes and walk for 1 minute. Repeat 7 times.


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