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For over 25 years the Student Assistance Program has worked in Pennsylvania to help troubled students. In some situations we are a first line of support for students dealing with any family, drug & alcohol, sadness, peer drama, or bullying issues. We support students in school, but we also connect students and families to outside resources to help them negotiate some of life’s most tumultuous storms.

We take our roles in students' lives very seriously. We are more than just teachers, administrators, and school personnel… we are mentors, examples, and another shoulder to lean on. We are the Student Assistance Program, and we can help.

HCP provides Student Assistance Program trained liaisons that serve in all of the middle and high schools in Franklin and Fulton County. Liaisons provide one-on-one student screenings for mental health and substance abuse concerns, group sessions with a variety of themes, and SAP Team consultation within each school. Call HCP to find more information about your school's liaison.


You can refer a student in one of two ways:



1) By completing the online referral form below: ESAP (elementary),  SAP (secondary) 







2)  Completing a SAP/ESAP referral form 

    Referral forms may be located on a bulletin board display in your school. Teachers, principals, and school counselors all have access to referral forms as well. You can confidentially turn in referrals to any of these school personnel or your school’s secure drop box (if available).

Emergency situations should be IMMEDIATELY brought to the attention of a SAP Team Member, School Administrator, OR School Counselor (if in school). Otherwise, contact 911 or Crisis Intervention (toll-free at 866-918-2555) for emergency situations.

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