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Teen Intervene is a substance use intervention for youth ages 12-19 who display evidence of minor to moderate substance experimentation or use. This program is also appropriate for alcohol, tobacco, or drug policy violators or offenders, as well as those youth with personal or parental concerns. Youth will meet twice with a facilitator one-on-one to discuss reasons for use and to form a plan to reduce or discontinue use. Cost is $10 per session ($20 total - scholarships are available). Sessions can be performed in school, as permitted by school administration.



INTERRUPTED is a three module group program presented separately, or as one extensive program, to interrupt at-risk behaviors in youth and strengthen protective factors. Modules focus on underage drinking, tobacco, and marijuana use. 


Youth participants will: 

  • Identify various kinds of substances, identify their long term and short term effects, identify the consequences of using substances, increase knowledge of the research concerning substance use. 

  • Understand the difference between use, abuse and dependence/addiction, acknowledge the warning signs of dependence/addiction, increase knowledge about drug and alcohol treatment and other supports. 

  • Identify various ways adolescents are influenced to use substances, develop skills to refuse use, understand why it’s important to establish positive people, places, and things. 

Cost is $10 per session

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